Marketing 2020: How Promotional Products Help Businesses

Dishing out promotional products is an old and efficient form of marketing.

Here’s how it works:

Companies brand mugs, pens, and other useful items then give them out for free. This strategy might look wasteful at first, but it has been proven to be effective.

Usually, people use these little presents for one to four years. Yes, that is a lot of free exposure.

Ok, so know you know what product promotion entails. Here are the benefits of implementing this marketing strategy in your business.

Cheap, Yet Effective Advertising

When someone mentions marketing, you’ll immediately think of digital, TV, and print ads. All these options do work, but they are not cheap. TV ads, for example, were a big hit a few years back. But you needed a big budget to see it through.

And it gets worse:

You’ll never know if your efforts are working or not until it’s too late.

With product promotions, you get to target your audience with laser precision. The marketing team makes a list of all the potential clients. Then they show up bearing gifts.

Everyone appreciates free stuff, so they rarely turn you down.

Also, you are in control of the budget. Just find a cheap but quality product from a reliable supplier, then order in bulk to get a discount. Most of these manufactures allow OEM production, which means you can request a branded item.

That removes the hassle of trying to imprint the items yourself and also drives down the cost of the item.

Overall, promotional product marketing is cheaper than most advertising methods. It also removes the guesswork from marketing.

Long-term Exposure

Only a few marketing strategies will expose your business they way product promotions do. Take billboard ads, for example. They are great at exposing your brand to thousands of eyeballs, but they can’t stay up forever. You will eventually have to bring them down when the budget depletes.

With promotional products, your chances of exposure are pretty decent. People tend to use things like water bottles, pens, umbrellas, and other similar stuff for a long time. That means you’ll get constant exposure until the consumer decides to trash the item.

Client Loyalty

According to a recent study, 89% of people who get a promotional item are more likely to buy from the advertising brand. That’s why you need promotional items, especially if you are a new business.

However, there’s a catch. Your products should be well thought out, innovative, and high-quality. The last thing you want is to give people cheap pens when they can get quality ones for cheap.

So, be sure to ask for samples from the suppliers before signing that dotted line. It’s the only way to make sure your customers will appreciate and keep your gifts.