Top 4 Trending Promotional Products in 2020

Your success with a promotional product relies heavily on the choices you make. The wrong move could result in a failed campaign. And the right one could lead to more business. In this post, we discuss the hottest promotional products in 2020. It does not cover all business niches, but you’ll get the idea.

Drink Ware

You can never go wrong with drinkware in 2020. People are more conscious about their health, and keeping hydrated is a big part of that effort. The good thing about this product is that it’s used daily. And, it can be customised into cool new shapes and textures. Ideally, you should go for a design that will make people want to show off the product. You can host a design contest where you let freelancers and the inhouse team battle it out for a price. However, if nothing seems like a great idea, combine designs to create something better.

Canvas Shopping Bags

Shopping bags are like small, moving billboards. People will carry them along to their grocery store runs then possibly walk home. That creates an opportunity to run brand awareness campaigns.

Usually, people keep promotional bags for about six to seven months. For that to happen, though, the bag needs to be of high quality. And, the branding has to be on point. Promo bags have a broad audience. Everybody, including kids, will use them at some point. So choose a gender-friendly design then give the bags to existing and potential customers.

Reusable Straws

People are now concerned about the environment, more than ever. They’ve learned that plastics take 200 years to partially degrade, causing adverse effects on wildlife and the soil. And that’s where reusable straws come in. Branding straws is a recent trend that is turning out to be a great promotional idea. It is a low cost, saves the environment, and is an effective way to advertise.

Companies are now making foldable, metal straws that people can carry around. If you have ever used those paper straws that stick on your mouth, then you already know how useful this product can be.

Leather Products

Leather products can last forever, with proper care. And that makes them a perfect promotional product. Ideally, you can make things like padfolios, key straps, and wallets, then reward loyal clients and employees. People will keep these gifts for a long time, and that creates a lasting impression on them. Still, you need to understand your target market before choosing a product.