When to Use Promotional Products

Consumers love free stuff. And that makes promotional products a future proof way to get your business “out there” for cheap. Usually, these products are used to recognise a milestone or show recognition. And they go a long way in building relationships and bringing new business. Here are some of the occasions when you should consider giving out promotional products.


Holidays are the most obvious opportunity for brands to dish out free stuff. Usually, people are in a festive mood, and that increases their chances of appreciating and using the product. Typically, companies use relevant products for each occasion. During Xmas, for example, most companies offer holiday cards or branded socks. These products are relatively cheap to acquire, and people do appreciate them. However, it’s worth noting that cards are considered single-use products. People will keep the socks for way longer than they would store the cards. So, it would be a good idea to go with a product that people use more often as it increases your visibility considerably.

Trade Shows

There’s no better way to drive people to your stand than to give out gifts. A winery, for example, may decide to let people sample their products. That will attract lots of consumers, and might even trigger purchases. This strategy can also work for any other industry. Find a useful product, then give it to all your prospects for free. It creates a lasting impression and leads to repeat business, most of the time.

Customer Appreciation

Here’s the deal.

You don’t have to wait for an occasion to reward customers. Show your appreciation by offering them a product they will like and use often. An IT company, for example, would appreciate branded earbuds or a fancy water bottle as a gift. That’s because they are more likely to use the products daily, giving you free exposure in return. With time, you’ll notice a positive change with the clients and an increase in business. That’s because consumers tend to “give back” to brands that offer them free stuff. And that explains why promotional products marketing will always work.